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your health can ALWAYS improve."




ALL TOO OFTEN people loose (or do not develop) the healthy ability to communicate with themselves, their environmnet, and others through the use of their FEELINGS and EMOTIONS.


When I started my journey of recovery in 1995, I was so LOST that I had to do some really deep soul searching. I had no idea who I was, where I was coming from, or where I was going.


I was taught that I needed to get in touch with REALITY through my feelings and emotions. The big question I had was - "How can I get in touch with my feelings when I don't even know what 'feelings' are.


Most of the people I asked could at best name only a few 'feelings' and they had trouble trying to describe them to me.


Left to my own devices, I did a plenty of research and put a lot of thought into the matter. Slowly I began to learn what I wanted to know. Putting the principles I learned into practice required conscious effort, but the results I achieved were revelatory and astounding to me.


I shared some of this stuff with a few of my fellow-sufferers and they started seeing progressive results in their lives, too. Before long, others began requesting information, too.  This was not an exhaustive treatise on the subject, but it was ENOUGH to get them moving on the RIGHT TRACK.


I introduced to them - a KEY - which helps bring about an awareness of feelings and emotions and what they are really about. Writing in my unique style, I open the door through which others, like yourself, may feel, experience and understand their very own FEELINGS and EMOTIONS.





BY: Richard L. Newell 
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