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                                                                                                       by Richard L. Newell


ADDICTIONS MAY exhibit themselves in many different forms. People may become psychologically dependent or addicted to practically anything including but not limited to:


  •               Food                                    Alcohol
  •             Caffeine                                Nicotine
  •      Methamphetamines                    Shopping
  •              Heroin                                  Cocaine
  •            Television                            Video Games
  •              Texting                                      Sex
  •           Adrenaline                                 Work
  •              Other People (a.k.a. co-dependency)
                                       Etc., etc., etc.

No matter what the addiction may be called or what it is based upon, they all lead to the same end. Some addictions will get you there sooner than others, but there are only four results, outcomes or consequences:


  •                 Recovery                       Institutionalism
  •              Incarceration                           Death



By the time that an addicted person openly admits having an addiction, the situation is more serious than that which is evident on the surface. Very rarely is there only one addiction. At this stage, the addict is nearly always beset with multiple addictions.


Carefully considering the fact that the Twelve Step Program of Recovery can be equally effective for all types of addictions leads to the conclusion that they all have something in common. There are NOT many forms of addiction, after all. There is only ONE form of addiction and that is ADDICTION. PERIOD.


I came to this realization back in the mid 1990’s soon after I started my own recovery process and coined the phrase describing the syndrome as OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE PERSONALITY DISORDER (OCPD). In 1965 I simultaneously stopped using nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol. I naively thought this was all I had to do. Unknowingly, though, I just swapped those addictions for others (food, work, adrenaline, etc.) and the addictive process (OCPD) proceeded until my entire life was entirely out of control.


Addiction is insidious, progressive, and, through ordinary means, is non-reversible.


INSIDIOUS – adjective –intended to entrap or beguile; stealthily treacherous or deceitful; operating or proceeding in an inconspicuous or seemingly harmless way but actually with grave effect.


In other words, OCPD can sneak up on you unawares, catch you in its trap, and ultimately result in your untimely demise, often through murder or suicide.


PROGRESSIVE DISEASE – one that moves forward and onward to its natural conclusion. In the case of OCPD, this is death.


The debilitating effects of Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder can be suspended or held at bay through most programs of recovery. However, if addictive personality traits are resumed, (e.g. the alcoholic starts drinking again or the drug addict starts using drugs again) the result is the same as if the addictive cycle had never been interrupted. In other words - If I, an alcoholic, pick up ‘the next sucker drink’ - the disease would not resume at the stage it was back in 1965, but would be as if I had never stopped the cycle self-abuse associated with the consumption of alcohol. I would most likely be dead in a relatively short period of time.


Persons currently engaged in a program of OCPD recovery may wish to consider adding something more, such as that which is offered through Cosmic Expansion Self Healing Meditative Exercise (CEME). In addition to bringing about changes in personality traits, transformations (changes) are made at the cellular (DNA and genome) level. This affects the mind, body spirit, and emotions in ways which may greatly reduce the probability and/or possibility of OCPD relapse.


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