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Traumatic Childhood Experiences


Traumatic Childhood Experiences (TCE’s) - from conception to age 18 - play a significant role in our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health during adulthood. 


The coping mechanisms and techniques which helped us survive traumatic childhood situations ARE NOT VALID FOR USE IN ADULT LIFE. They are toxic to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and are detrimental to our overall well-being.

Traumatic Childhood Experiences (TCE’s) are only one of several sources of toxic thoughts which are known precursors to mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical degeneration, debility, and disease.

Fortunately, we don’t need to continue to be victims of our heredity or environment. The vast majority of childhood trauma can be resolved, and natural healing without medication can start to take place within a few days.


Thinking about some childhood experiences and/or answering the Confidential TCE Questionnaire may open a ‘can of worms’. If troubling thoughts arise, please consult with a competent Cosmic Expansion Transformational Holistic Health Care Provider and/or spiritual adviser.


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